The Frontiers Conference Call

Carousel, the Frontiers Conference Call was a performative panel that took participants on a trip across time and space. Taking place on May 17, 2020, Carousel was organized by Wildman Clab (founded by Lu Zhang, 2017) in collaboration with Special Special as part of the Frontiers Conference (call), COVID-19 edition, and Together Alone virtual programming. The Frontiers Conference is an ongoing performance residency at Special Special.  


For Carousel, Wen-You Cai led a panel of distinguished experts, currently isolated in different locations, through a journey of blurry moments, reminisce on dusty small pleasures, and sometimes crisp details we have long overlooked or forgotten. The conference call connected the now discontinued Kodak Carousel slide projector, a nostalgic technology of photo sharing, to Zoom, currently the most prevalent form of communication, taking us on a digital ride that binds past, present, and future.