Your Bear No. 29 Grey
Sebastian Masuda

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Your Bear No. 29 Grey

The Furry Monster is the official mascot of Fur East Far Tokyo, Masuda's inaugural solo showcase of his Harakuju brand and artistic practice collectively in NYC. It is embodied in this series of “Your Bear,” available in a myriad of very-kawaii colorways.

Fabric, beads, button, tapes, glue

H x W: 8 x 9 inches

Unique Piece

Primarily known for his role in expanding the Harajuku Style, Sebastian Masuda is a contemporary artist and a key figure in developing the Kawaii Culture worldwide. Masuda opened his iconic 6% Doki Doki store in Harajuku in 1995, and his boundless imagination sparked a unique and thriving community ever since. As his mediums and methods continue to evolve, his collaborative practice remains at the core of his work. Masuda plays on the major channels of pop culture to engage a vast audience in his unique vision. At Special Special this Fall, we will be presenting unique art works from his artistic practice directly from his studio in Japan, a curated selection of 6% Doki Doki very-Kawaii merchandise, as well as uniquely decorated edition works.

Your Bear No. 29 Grey