Make/Use_Wall Hook
Dier Zhang

Regular price $50

Make/Use_Wall Hook

A screw-mounted wall hook that can be created for site-specific use.


Approx. 5" × 6" × 2"


By Dier Zhang


Make/Use is a series of objects that are made to be functional as tools for everyday life. The idea of functionality is used here as a frame to explore typologies of objects and to discover their performative potentials. The idea of a “performative object” aims to manipulate designed functionality to disrupt the experience and thus cause mindfulness in use. For this exhibition, it consists of site-specific wall hooks, book ends, and a door stop.


$50 for readymades; $100 for custom-making.

These items are unique and will vary in finish.


This work is part of the show Artists' Tools at Special Special, on view spring 2020.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Make/Use_Wall Hook