Special Special is pleased to announce CHKRA, the world’s first couture sound spa by sound artist Tsung. 

High-end luxury can be empowering, but it is too often exclusive and out of reach. CHRKA’s mission is to free the energy of luxury to all—making it accessible, inclusive, and waste-free—so that everyone can experience the ultimate retail therapy. 

Attendees are invited to relax and heal through the pure energies of seven hand-picked fashion icons (AXWG, ISMK, RKWN, LVTN, CHNL, YVLSL, BRBY). Sound therapies are known to heal by using specific frequencies to recharge the seven key Chakra points of the body, from Root to Crown. The frequencies of these sounds are believed to form the core of the Universe, based in an old tradition of healing sounds. 

Special Special and Tsung worked to adapt these healing concepts to the world of fashion—spending months capturing the unique signatures of each brand at their flagship—and then fine-tuning the field recordings to extract the essence of each and matching them to their native chakra point.  

Attendees at Special Special are invited to enter seven distinct sensory environments intended to resonate and align these seven Chakric points. The audio tracks and takeaway packets of the CHKRA energies will be available for purchase, so attendees may continue their therapeutic experiences at their leisure.


Artist Biography

Tsung is the solo project name for John Chao. In his solo work, John has written for dance, film, and electronic performance. As a practicing Buddhist, his projects as Tsung have a particular focus on traditions of spiritual music. He has a background in classical, electronic, and experimental music. John is also part of the collective Misha, signed to Tomlab Records (The Books, Xiu Xiu). He is based in New York City.