Hi everyone!

We are happy to announce the launch of our Journal section along with our revamped website. Over the past 3 1/2 years of Special Special, we have presented 19 exhibitions, numerous in-person and digital events, and in-house editions. Behind all of these projects, there are many behind-the-scenes conceptualizations that we have never shared. Whether you are just getting acquainted with us or have been with us along the journey thus far, we hope you will discover a lot of fun and insightful content! The Journal page on our website will be a singular platform...

Artists’ Tools Walkthrough


Special Special’s exhibition Artists’ Tools opened on March 12th, days before New York went on pause. During quarantine, you can take a remote tour of our space and explore the work of these 32 artists through this personal guided tour! Many of these limited edition or one-of-a-kind tools are available for purchase on our website. The exhibition will be extended through the end of August 2020.  



About Artists’ Tools: 

Artists’ Tools is a group exhibition showcasing the...

Home Demo
by Del Hardin Hoyle

Home Demo is an extended music video of Del Hardin Hoyle’s current musical project ‘Buffoon’. The video is a collage of performances staged in his bedroom interconnected with views of his neighborhood, the tree outside his house, the bright blue concrete of the public pool down his street, and footage of public spaces around New York shot on his TILTWARPREFLECTJIB in January 2020. 

The video streamed on our site on May 10, 2020 from 6:00pm–7:01pm EST. The last minute of the video references...

Tea and Jam

Afternoon Tea & Jam is a part of Together Alone, Special Special’s Spring 2020 Virtual Programing. Enjoy this synthesizer jam session between Tiri Kananuruk, Sebastián Morales, and Britt Moseley with their artists instruments: a USB hub-enhanced synthesizer keyboard and a synthesizer teapotThis live performance was streamed on on April 10, 2020. These tools are featured in our current Artists’ Tools exhibition at Special Special and are also available for purchase on our website.  


The Frontiers Conference Call

Carousel, the Frontiers Conference Call was a performative panel that took participants on a trip across time and space. Taking place on May 17, 2020, Carousel was organized by Wildman Clab (founded by Lu Zhang, 2017) in collaboration with Special Special as part of the Frontiers Conference (call), COVID-19 edition, and Together Alone virtual programming. The Frontiers Conference is an ongoing performance residency at Special Special.