Special Special presents Mackenzie Younger's Jackets.

Inspired by NASCAR racing jackets and the streetwear fashion of Younger’s youth, the Jackets are both sensational and critical, addressing ideas around mimicry, recognition, the art world, and commodification.

The exhibition at Special Special presents the Jackets in the context of a gallery concept store and will feature a new edition of 100 satin green and black Jackets; the eight original unique Jackets, which hang over paintings; all within a site-specific installation involving garden plants native to New York and live butterflies hatched onsite.

Younger’s custom garments, emblazoned with iconic art world logos, is made available for collection and presented outside of a performance. Throughout 2017, the Jackets have appeared and participated in happenings at The Armory Show in New York and at Art Basel Hong Kong, among other venues.

Mackenzie Younger (b. 1990 NYC) received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012. Younger exhibited with A+E Studios in NYC, 2015, and the Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg, PA, 2016, and contributed to auctions at the Emily Harvey Foundation and Paddle8. Professionally, Younger runs the company Native NY Gardens, which specializes in insect and native plant ecology.