Let’s Talk About a Woman Traveling Alone

“It is still taboo for a woman to be alone. To find her way. Sift through the world for herself. In a self-empowered fashion. The Deck of Character couldn't be a greater metaphor for our shifting times. It is run by a woman. And it is a game of intuition: one with no rules or defined winner. In my current solo road trip across the US, it saddens me to report that in most conversations with cops and older men, they often uncomfortably remark how I am doing this alone.”

Hannah Wnorowski, creator of The Deck of Character, is pleased to make her artist talk at Special Special the final stop on her current four month cross country road trip. She has spent the last year traveling around the US and Europe with her oracle where she has had hundreds of conversations with people and spent time listening to their synchronistic insights. 

The Deck of Character is a tool to guide you along your own hero's journey. It is designed to connect you with your inner wisdom and share it openly with those around you. Cross country road trips for Hannah has been her practice for the last 8 years to observe the symbolism in the world around us. The Deck of Character is an anthology of everything she has experienced and observed in travel and art making.

Hannah will be sharing her candid thoughts about her journey: what it means to use intuition, to heal, to play an oracle, to be in the world, and to follow one's own voice. And how all of this sits so beautifully in the uncertain times we find ourselves in today. Please join in on the conversation. It is sure to be fun.