Love Hotel Rooms

Love Hotel Rooms is a drawing workshop and installation that invites you to recall and recreate a room you once loved (or loved in). Sketch your memory on one of our room cards and add it to our ever-growing love hotel, and be a voyeur to the memories of others.

Stop by Special Special to participate in this unusual way to archive space, where the feelings felt and people loved are no longer present. What rooms are permanently etched in your mind? Is it a dorm room where you first laid eyes on the love of your life, or your childhood room from a house which has since been demolished?

This experience encourages sharing different perspectives (quite literally), and building new connections through old recollections. Drop by and find out who checks into the room next to yours. 

Sarah Elizabeth Verity is an art director and brand strategist based in Providence, Rhode Island. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she was raised in hotels.