Ripple Scribble

Ripple Scribble is a reflection on the moment when a stone is thrown into water. A small action can cause unexpectedly large effects—as an old Chinese saying goes, “one stone can create thousands of waves.” For this exhibition at Special Special, we present ephemeral landscapes of ceramic tableware.

Each piece begins with a slab of clay that is hand-shaped by the artist. The glaze is poured onto each piece and shifted around in uneven layers, creating varying densities of color on the surface. This process renders each piece consistently unique. Every piece is coated with food-safe glaze and fired at 2232°F.

Michele Xiaoyun Fan is a ceramic artist based in New York. Inspired by the history of the medium that dates back thousands of years, she explores the infinite possibilities of ceramic through color and form. In 2015, she started her ceramic studio Atelier F.

Fan obtained her Master’s degree in Western Modern Art History from Christie’s Education in New York and studied photography at Syracuse University. She has worked at major art organizations, such as Cai Guo-Qiang’s studio and Christie’s Auction House.