Special Special Shopping Network

Special Special is pleased to present Special Special Shopping Network, a series of programming that takes inspiration from the culture of televised home shopping networks like QVC and Youtube unboxing videos to present product demonstrations, unscripted talk shows, and experimental performances through the medium of video.

Prepare for a spectrum of awkward self-promotion, tacky displays, and low-definition commodity fetish, all at Special Special and artist’s studios turned makeshift sets. Special Special has transformed into a TV studio, complete with microphones, lights, and an artificial backdrop, to produce programming for our technologically-dependent times. All products are available for sale in-store and online at specialspecial.com.

Special Special founder Wen-You Cai will host guests including: Yi Xin Tong, Use Value, Aria McManus, and Lu Zhang. Tune into Special Special’s IGTV or Youtube channel to watch each episode in the series.