SPF: Overflow

Easily contained in letters and sound, overflow is language contraband guiding as it deceives. It escapes the conditions of its term by a commitment to movement and fluidity. Overflow’s eddying indeterminacy is a reminder that tools like language and the body regularly fail us. ‘Art won’t save us,’ either.

Overflow is a group show that will flood the gallery space with artworks and artist paraphernalia surveying the myriad ways we play in order to stay afloat. The show will conceptually revolve around a vessel, with artworks, tools, toys, merchandise, and design works spilling out of the receptacle and onto the walls, floors, and ceiling of the gallery space and storefront. By cruising forward, the artists in Overflow map alternative routes to navigate the high seas.

Dana Davenport, Leah Dixon, Sujung Chang, Ian Faden, Tallulah Hood, Khari Johnson-Ricks, and David Kirshoff stage playful interventions. E. Winslow Funaki, Bianca Kann, and Tristan Scow hi-jack the aesthetics and craft of ‘cuteness.’ Patrick Carlin Mohundro, David Chan, Luba Drozd, Jackson Hallberg, Emily Janowick, and Grace Linderholm document the quotidian. Ginssiyo Apara, Sam Cockrell, Umber Majeed, Tiffany Jaeyeon Shin, Buzz Slutzky, and Ondine Viñao re-contextualize ephemera from days long past.