The Human Abstract: An Exercise of Looking at Ceramics

Looking can be an activation of power, which gives meaning to forms and materials. Ceramics can be viewed as ordinary objects like the vessels in a domestic setting or abstractions of the human body. Concentrated looking at ceramics offers an opportunity to subvert or embody any number of gazes – Orientalist, male, Marxist, formalist, feminist, etc.

To celebrate the close of Illuminations, a solo show by Jenny Hata Blumenfield at Special Special, and in collaboration with Wildman Clab’s The Frontiers Conference, Blumenfield and Wildman Clab invite you to share your own gaze and interact with 10-15 “vessels” deemed as such by Blumenfield. Some sourced, some made, some broken, some whole. 

The Frontiers Conference is a continuous series of performances that joins and highlights artists on the fringe of various artistic movements. Organized by Wildman Clab as part of their year-long events residency at Special Special.