Tie Me Up! Lock Me Down!

Special Special is pleased to announce Tie Me Up! Lock Me Down!, a group exhibition curated by Banyi Huang and Kristen Lee. The show tells a story of love, heartbreak, and reconciliation. Inspired by the camp of anime, exaggerated narratives in East Asian soap operas, and the baroque, it is an exercise in melodrama.

Tie Me Up! Lock Me Down! features a selection of bodily adornments in the broader sense, including jewelry, garments, and a range of accessories by Angie YooJ Kim, Banyi Huang, Gesualda, Hong Hong Wu, Kristen Lee, Leila Jinnah, Pear Ware, shichuchi, and Use Value, as well as a video piece by Malt Disney.

Special Special transforms into the inner psychic space of an imagined, composite individual, inviting the viewer to be engulfed in unhinged emotions and extreme fantasies. Poised between indulgence and repression, explicit desires and hidden symbolism, she could be any one of us. Here, each wearable piece functions as a performative prop or role-play element, to guide our characters and offer our submission to the binds of love.