A Special Special Gift Guide

Shop Special Special’s first-ever Holiday Gift Guide for people who are full of contradictions. What do you give the person who has everything? What if gift-giving is their last love language? No matter the occasion, we have a gift for someone who defies categories. Use promo code SPECIALTHANKS for 10% off your entire purchase online and in person through Cyber Monday, November 30, 11:59pm. Don’t forget to finish it off with our exclusive gift wrap.


1) Gifts for the Sequestered Adventurer

This Land is My Land beach towel 

Towelkini™ by Aria McManus

NYC Fishing Journal by Yi Xin Tong

Blue Tora-San High Top Japanese Workman's Shoes

Special Special Charm

Travel has been sharply restricted, but that doesn’t stop many of us from daydreaming of escape. Send your adventurous friend a beach towel or NYC Fishing Journal by Yi Xin Tong to encourage a well-deserved staycation. Dress the whole family in Towelkinis for bathtime. This gift package is for those who aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

2) Gifts for the Antisocial Entertainer

Stay As Long As You Like Brass Keychain

WIFI-POET by Northy Chen

The Deck of Character

Martini by Lu Zhang

Ice Tray by Half-Wet

Terracotta Candle Bowl by Fredericks and Mae

Ten Nights of Dreams by Yuchen Chang

One is the loneliest number, unless it means a cozy night in curled up with an extra large martini served in a ceramic vessel by Lu Zhang and a modern oracle reading from The Deck of Character. You don’t need a crowd to justify drawing the curtains and lighting a witchy candle. Singles, only children, and Aquarius suns know: the only one you can fully trust is yourself.

3) Gifts for the Urban Gardener

Tubers Planters by Benjamin Langford

Yellow Columbine wall sculpture by Benjamin Langford 

Green Twist Tie Ring by E for Effort

Steel Toe Green Boots Japanese Workman's Shoes

Fuji Fuji Fuji Postcards

If you are just a nature lover in a concrete jungle, this song is for you. Adorn your home with a fabric sculpture by Benjamin Langford or pot a new cutting inside a felt planter. Splash through puddles on the sidewalk with waterproof Japanese Workman boots. Then, visit Special Special’s Plant Residency and Langford’s exhibition Late Summer. If there’s anything that this year taught us, it’s that this is the year for houseplants.


4) Gifts for the Unproductive Writer

Follow the Rules Notebook 

Small Medium Big Ideas Notebook Set

Coaster Painting by Patrick Carlin Mohundro 

Cardan Grille Bookmark and Letter-Writing Set

Chalk by Fredericks and Mae

Can’t seem to find the right words? Plagued by writers’ block? These accessories combined provide some mental gymnastics for the immobilized writer. Maybe it’s a matter of reorganizing ideas by their size or making your own rules. Add a resting place for coffee, and your creative energy will be flowing in no time.