Afternoon Tea & Jam on Montez Press Radio: Episode 1

Episode 1! Some topics discussed this week are: Chinese medicine, Britt's jacket dilemma, and the best bath-tub kimchi. Our special guests in this first episode are the unsuspecting 99 Cent warehouse workers below Britt’s studio, connected by their air vents. Aired March 26, 2021 on Montez Press Radio.

Afternoon Tea & Jam is hosted by Britt Moseley and Wen-You Cai, mixing long form instrumental music (Jam) with tea and teatime conversations (Tea). Special guests contribute to either the Tea or Jam. Originally created as a live video performance in virtual programming at Special Special in 2020, this show has been adapted into a talk/music radio format for Montez Press Radio. Each episode will be archived here after airing.