Artists’ Tools Walkthrough


Special Special’s exhibition Artists’ Tools opened on March 12th, days before New York went on pause. During quarantine, you can take a remote tour of our space and explore the work of these 32 artists through this personal guided tour! Many of these limited edition or one-of-a-kind tools are available for purchase on our website. The exhibition will be extended through the end of August 2020.  



About Artists’ Tools: 

Artists’ Tools is a group exhibition showcasing the innovative devices created by artists to aid in their creative practice or in daily life. Custom, handcrafted, repurposed, or created through assemblage, these tools can be considered artworks in their own right. Artists’ Tools features contributions from 32 artists working in a variety of mediums across fields of art, design, and technology. Featured tools include a string necklace that serves as a measurement device, a self-driving gallery pedestal, and a teapot that doubles as an audio synthesizer. 

Special Special also introduces a limited edition of works on paper in collaboration with James Chrzan. Conceived to be created daily throughout the course of the exhibition, each site-specific drawing is produced by a hygrothermograph, recording changes in the temperature and humidity inside the gallery. Originally intended to record a drawing over a 24-hour period, however due to COVID-19 lockdown, the drawings record an irregular period of time, ranging from two to four weeks, between visits to the space by our director, Wen-You Cai.

For Artists’ Tools, the gallery space is transformed into a pegboard-clad and studio-inspired setting, serving as a backdrop for viewers to discover these imaginative, playful, and functional objects.