Featured Artists:
Tiri Kananuruk & Sebastián Morales

An interview with artists Tiri Kananuruk and Sebastián Morales, hosted by Jenny Lai, production manager at Special Special. Tiri and Sebastián created the Dongle Synth 2.0 for the Artists’ Tool show.


Tiri Kananuruk creates performance art that combines her passion for technological consumerism, machine learning, and language. Tiri is a cofounder of NUUM collective, a group of choreographers, composers, programmers, visual artists and interaction designers committed to a multi-disciplinary approach to creating performance work.

Sebastián Morales is a Mexican artist, engineer, and researcher. He received his bachelors in mechanical engineering and a masters in interactive telecommunications at NYU. He develops interactive works at the intersection of living systems, robotics, and digital culture.

In April, Tiri and Sebastián also participated in a synthesizer jam session with another artist featured in our show, Britt Moseley, as part of Special Special’s Together Alone Spring 2020 Virtual Programming. Check out the Dongle Synth 2.0 in action here!