Home Demo
by Del Hardin Hoyle

Home Demo is an extended music video of Del Hardin Hoyle’s current musical project ‘Buffoon’. The video is a collage of performances staged in his bedroom interconnected with views of his neighborhood, the tree outside his house, the bright blue concrete of the public pool down his street, and footage of public spaces around New York shot on his TILTWARPREFLECTJIB in January 2020. 

The video streamed on our site on May 10, 2020 from 6:00pm–7:01pm EST. The last minute of the video references the daily communal clapping in appreciation of essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic which takes place at 7:00pm. 

Del Hardin Hoyle is the creator of TILTWARPREFLECTJIB, a tool currently featured in the Artists’ Tools show at Special Special.