Introducing Cuffing Club!


Cuffing Club is a friendship defining experience! 

Reserve Here for our first Cuffing Club event 10/15/2022 5–9pm

Special Special has been building communities since 2016, through creative collaborations and our audiences’ shared interest in artistic experiences. Serendipitously, people have come together to become friends, professional collaborators, and even romantic partners. As we repeatedly saw this phenomenon, we decided to formally recognize the bonds with Cuffing Club, to provide mutual support and companionship for kindred spirits.

Join us this October in NYC to find somebody to support you in wellness, creativity, going out, romance, finance, or even pest control, the list can go on... We present Cuffing Club, for friendship building on the basis of accountability and leisurely activities. We hope to encourage platonic friendships to have similar social access and support as romantic partnerships and family units. Meet a friend who can help expand your interests and activities, as well as become your support on mundane chores. Think Bumble meet Task Rabbit, IRL!

We will announce our first event very soon! Stay Tuned

We have identified three tiers of suggested cuffing as a reference to help you decide what you need! 


Cuffing Lite:

  • Streaming platform password sharing
  • Costco membership
  • Personal beauty and wellness recommendations
  • Collective shopping for bulk orders
  • Fitness class / Concert ticket / Restaurant reservation decoy
  • and more...


Cuffing Intermediate:

  • Friends to dine with
  • Friends with similar cultural taste to go out with
  • Friends to help you with your chores and errands
  • Light bug extermination
  • Tall friend to reach high places
  • Friends to break bread, and share groceries with
  • Friends with cars when you need to do an errand with a car
  • Friends to take classes with
  • and more...


Cuffing Pro:

  • Travel buddy and experienced photographer
  • Friends to stay woke with
  • Friends with host parties with
  • Health and wellness partners
  • Emergency contact
  • Doctor office retrieval/ go-home buddy
  • A neutral third party
  • Help pick out a gift for all occasions
  • and more...