Hi everyone!

We are happy to announce the launch of our Journal section along with our revamped website. Over the past 4 years of Special Special, we have presented 23 exhibitions, numerous in-person and digital events, and in-house editions. Behind all of these projects, there are many behind-the-scenes conceptualizations that we have never shared. Whether you are just getting acquainted with us or have been with us along the journey thus far, we hope you will discover a lot of fun and insightful content! The Journal page on our website will be a singular platform on which you can appreciate all the inner workings of Special Special. 

“”Wen-You welcomes visitors to Special Special, 2020.

I started Special Special because I wanted to make art and design more accessible and integrated into our everyday lifestyle. Behind that vision, my greatest motivation was for Special Special to be a place where creative minds can come together to mingle and have a dialogue. The blue oval of our logo can be interpreted as a pool in which we are all submerged as one or as the sky that we all share. This ambitious and wide-reaching concept has, in the past three years, engaged countless creatives who have become friends, collaborators, and team members - all in our small space in the East Village of New York. We have put our boundless imaginations to work together to achieve something fresh and fun. This will be the page to celebrate all the exciting ideas we exchange.

To be perfectly honest, as an art school graduate in my mid-twenties, I didn’t know what I was doing when I started Special Special. I never set out with a goal or a specific outcome. Always keeping an open heart, Special Special is guided by the principle of what we find interesting, strange, and genuine; you can even say that that’s our specialty. The exchange of jokes and brainstorming sessions most often land us somewhere where we find ourselves pleasantly surprised. With every project, we find another piece of our voice. This is the spirit of what we want to share with you in the Journal. 

Browse now and revisit periodically as we share our creative collaborations with our artists and designers, in-depth interviews, studio visits, extended insights into our in-house exhibitions, events, Show and Tell digital exhibitions, and much more. We will highlight memorable insights and the special members (“Special Specialists”) of our ever growing community. We hope you join us time and time again and we look forward to expanding our dialogue with you. 

Wen-You Cai
Founder / Director of Special Special