An Evening with
My Life as a Kinetic Sculpture

James Chrzan, one of the artists featured in the Artists’ Tools exhibition, gave a musical performance under his solo project, My Life as a Kinetic Sculpture. The performance features Julep Maisey and Lucky Frog and was created for Special Special’s Together Alone Spring 2020 virtual programming. 


James Chrzan is an artist, writer, and musician based in Ridgewood, NY. His work engages in the long tradition of the dematerialized art object. He founded the Ridgewood Community Seed Vault in 2019 and curates the non-corporeal fine art gallery Famous Chimps. A collection of new poems, Nice Job Haunting Me, was published by Puppy American in 2019. Narcissus pseudonarcissus, an opera in two acts written with Rachel Hillery, will premiere in 2020. He plays drums in the band Julep Maisey and releases music under the name, My Life as a Kinetic Sculpture.

Check out our interview with James Chrzan during the Artists' Tools exhibition.