Special Special Plant Residency


(the application is no longer active, check back on our social media for future plant residencies)

Beginning Fall 2020, Special Special hosts a residency for plants you associate with another person. This is an artist residency for your plants who embody characters of a person. 

Ever water your plants and wonder what has happened with the friend that hastily moved away and left the little cactus on your window sill? Reminds you to call your mom when you look at the money tree your parents bought you when you moved into your first apartment after college. Wonder if you will ever run into the ex who helped to pot the pit of an avocado you shared on your morning toast. Has your plant ever been a part of other art exhibitions?


We want to get to know your plants and help take care of these kindred spirits. You may apply if you want to celebrate them, take a temporary break from the baggage of its association, if the plant needs an alternative energy boost, or if you simply want us to look after your plants while you take a trip out of town. 

Plants carry the energy of those they are associated with, and sometimes embody a deep personified meaning for the primary caregiver. In a city of 8.6 million, people come and go, and some form lasting bonds through the transfer of plants, even when the human relationship has fleeted. Plants are your low maintenance pets, yet slightly needy roommate, reminding you to get out into the sun every once in the while, and drink ample water.

The residency will consist of a collection of plants that the primary caregivers associate with people. The plants will reside at the newly formed plant themed shop at Special Special on a 1 month rotation. 

During the residency your plant will be living and growing amongst a community of other kindred spirited plants. The team at Special Special will provide regular water as instructed by the primary caregiver, and a diverse array of visitors will provide invaluable critique and creative discourse for the plants’ development.  

Visitors will get to know your plants at Special Special through the profile and CV attached to the plant. Special Special will provide a platform to spotlight your plant on our website journal and Instagram page.

Plants that were gifted
Plants that were left behind, or never reclaimed
Plants with a deep association with someone
Plants that were a part of a creative project, or exhibitions

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please find the form for submission here.

Application inlcudes:
— Name of plant
— Type of plant
— Characteristics, known traits
— Care instructions
— CV or known record of residence and exhibition
— How you acquired the plant
— Photo of the plant

Additional Materials
If selected, we will require the following documentation:
— Photo of plant at caregiver’s location
— Photo of plant enroute to residency
— Photo of plant on the first day of residency
— Photo of plant on its last day of residency

Information will be entered into a printed profile on view during the residency.

Plants Looking for New Permanent Homes
1-2 plants at a time may join the residency in hopes of seeking a new, permanent caretaker. The new caretaker may apply to adopt a plant if they write a qualified statement on why they believe the plant should go home with them. 

Special Special will only be responsible for watering the plant, and its occasional trimming. Any additional requests will only be accepted at our discretion. The residents shall incur no cost to Special Special whatsoever. Upon the end of the residency the owners must collect the plant from our location. 

Fine Print
In the interest of ensuring all other plants’ health, safety, and wellbeing during their stay at Special Special, please make sure your plants are not infested with any bugs or endanger other plants. Special Special Productions, LLC. is not liable in the case of poor health or death during its stay at the residency. Special Special Productions, LLC, will do its due diligence to follow the care instructions provided by the caregiver to our best abilities, and notify the caregiver if any negative conditions occur.