Sculpt and Align, Recap!


On February 4th and 5th, 2023, Cuffing Club, a continuous exploration of friendship enrichment and accountability, hosted the Align and Sculpt self-care workshop by Yumi Sugata, a pioneer in Japanese Beauty Chiropractic. The workshop that took place in Japanese was translated to English by Mariko Russell, a New York based Pilates instructor. Attendees learned practical tips to maintain good alignment when standing, sleeping, and even carrying bags. It was followed by an in-depth exercise where everyone had a chance to review their own misalignments, and learn simple stretches that helped address their problem areas. Many attendants also received full body and face alignment correction chiropractic (makeover) sessions by Yumi. As it was her first visit back to New York in four years, we believed it was important to impart these practical everyday exercises to keep up the beautiful postures, perky curves, exuberant presence, and friendly demeanors. (Yes, we were all smiles after our alignments!)

Last but not least, thanks to Persona for accommodating us in their botanically vibrant space.


We learned a lot! We understand it's hard to adopt all of these new habits at once—start slowly! Shared in this downloadable link are the workshop exercises. You can add these exercises into your daily routine, and perhaps practice as a group within your community, since we could all use some accountability and support in our lives.


For a more supported stance Yumi suggests using kinesiology tape to tape your feet as directed starting once a week for about 2 hours. 

  1. Place the tape at the highest point of your sole’s arch and wrap outward around your foot.
  2. Cut the edge of the tape into 3 sections as shown in the image. 
  3. Place the tape on the side of your feet by your pinky toe. Wrap section 2 under and over around your pinky toe. Wrap section 1 over and around your pinky toe. Wrap section 3 under and around your pinky toe. 
  4. Repeat the same wrapping for the big toe side of your foot.
  5. Repeat arch tape, and toe wrapping for your other foot. Feet should look similar to the image shown above.



    Transformed, rejuvenated, renewed! The proof is in the pics!



    Pilates exercise is recommended to maintain alignment, and build proper muscles to support good posture. Shown above is Mariko guiding one of our workshop attendees in a focused 1-on-1 session.



    Keiko Taniguchi, a tea master in training, served a curated selection of Eastern teas to warm our bodies during the workshop on the exceptionally cold day. 



    Unable to snag an appointment? Work on your body’s posture and strength with Mariko! Mariko teaches both group and private pilates weekly. This coming spring, Yumi’s daughter, who has a focus in acupuncture and aromatherapy, will be traveling to New York! We will keep you posted on any activities around her New York pop-up.



    Yumi @corp_0963551288