Show and Tell

Show and Tell is a series of digital exhibitions that are periodically distributed by e-mail to our newsletter subscribers. We started Show and Tell in March 2019 as a way of reimagining the inbox as both an exhibition and publication, and have subsequently expanded our platform to include WeChat as well. It is a channel to distribute works that were created specifically to exist in a digital environment, which allows the works to be experienced in any setting with internet access, rather than being confined to a physical gallery setting. The works range from browser-based projects to mobile apps to various downloadable file types. The constraint for each project is limited only by their ability to be circulated online.  

With the over-saturation of online media, Show and Tell curates digital projects that stand out to us. In a constantly expanding network where the amount of information, materials, and means to create increases at an incredible rate, it is easy for things to get lost or forgotten—buried in endless feeds or neglected tabs left open. Show and Tell is a channel to distribute and resurface works that we think deserve appreciation in an environment that is both overwhelming and demanding of attention. Some digital projects we have shared have the effect of slowing us down, highlighting the way we interact with time and nature, whether a browser game that encourages the user to make drawings with organic elements such as lava, sand, and wind, or a mobile app that simulates the natural gradients of sun, clouds and sky during air travel. Others offer direct resources or forms of intervention in our engagement with current socio-political reality, such as programs and filters that maintain anonymity and protect protesters' identities when sharing images on social media. 

As a growing collection that can be kept in your inbox to easily return to, Show and Tell offers a break on a utilitarian platform generally reserved for correspondence, showcasing projects that merely ask for attention and participation on your own terms.

We are continuing to add to this collection and share these projects straight to your inbox and WeChat. Just like the limited edition products we produce for physical exhibitions in our gallery space, each issue or digital exhibition is conceived as an edition. As our subscribers grow alongside our Show and Tell collection, the edition number is dependent on the number of receivers at any given moment. With the launch of the Special Special Journals page, we are archiving each issue of Show and Tell here

Please feel free to send project submissions that relate to Show and Tell to We would love to see what you are working on! And do subscribe to the Special Special newsletter to stay up to date and collect each issue!