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A Year On Earth by Del Hardin Hoyle & Samuel Bellingham

Special Special presents A Year On Earth, an episodic audio-visual project by Del Hardin Hoyle and Samuel Bellingham. The project first began in the spring of 2018, and each episode draws upon mixed media from a single year in time. The audio consists of music, sound recordings, movie clips, commercials, tv spots, and more from around the world.


Each episode features album art depicting a cartographic, astronomical phenomena, or development from the year of focus. For the first time, Hardin Hoyle and Bellingham release illustrated track listings for three episodes as part of their collaboration with Special Special, on view below. The typography used in the listings were also designed in the featured year.

Hardin Hoyle and Bellingham share an avid curiosity for sound and music. They are interested in the cultural and technological developments that are continuously impacting the aesthetics and possibilities of all music and sound from its conception, to recording, distribution, and final consumption.

They have always shared a constant stream of music with one another—recent discoveries, new releases, and old forgotten favorites. It has been a basis of their friendship since meeting in 2015.

A Year on Earth is a means to concentrate their energy within specific time frames: developing collections of source material that they chop, copy, paste, loop, overlap, and play out. The episodes are eclectic.

A Year On Earth has been featured on both 8ball Community Radio and Montez Press Radio, and can be streamed through the 8ball Mixcloud channel. The show is made in the artists’ studios in Bed-Stuy and Harlem.

 A Year on Earth 1957 by Del Hardin Hoyle and Samuel Bellingham

Click to hear A Year on Earth 1957 


A Year on Earth 1965 by Del Hardin Hoyle and Samuel Bellingham 

Click to hear A Year on Earth 1965


A Year on Earth 2010 by Del Hardin Hoyle and Samuel Bellingham
Click to hear A Year on Earth 2010


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