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Nature Documentaries and Matrix Soundtrack by Studio Pointer

 Studio Pointer, a cross-disciplinary collaboration between Aysa Sukhorukova and Jakob Schlötter, has created a video and audio generator that questions our perception of reality. 

Visit Nature Documentaries and Matrix Soundtrack and you are met with a generator that randomizes a combination of nature footage and parts of the Matrix (1999) soundtrack, there for you to refresh endlessly. Each reloaded page presents a new combination.


A close-up image of a squirrel's face on the Nature Documentaries and Matrix Soundtrack page. There is green text on the screen displaying which song is playing with which nature video.

The purpose of nature footage is to show us the world in a pure form, the wild and animalistic mind contrasting the subjugated state of humans. However, this footage is usually edited together from days of filming wildlife in close range of a video crew, often dramatized for us to empathize and project our human feelings onto the natural world.

As the Nature Documentaries and Matrix Soundtrack generator puts music to the movements of an animal, the mind connects the two and somehow the randomized combination makes sense. It’s the same concept as setting the soundtrack to your life by listening to music on the subway. We can create our own world by combining sensory impressions and have our brain make sense of them. 

We recommend you to check out Nature Documentaries and Matrix Soundtrack, to refresh the page and let your mind and past experiences combine the music and footage into a narrative and simulated reality, brand new every time with the click of a button.

An image of a Widowbird standing on tall grass surrounded by green text displaying which Matrix song is playing with which nature video.

Studio Pointer is a cross-disciplinary design studio by Asya Sukhorukova and Jakob Schlötter.

Statement: We focus on research and development of interactions: existing and potential places of contact between user and content. As much as we like digital media, we are also interested in user experiences of the real world. They can be driven by print, object or spoken word. Our expertise ranges from image to sound design, from websites and archives to spatial installations.

Enjoy the work:
Nature Documentaries and Matrix Soundtrack

Studio Pointer
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