Show and Tell: 07
CHKRA by Tsung

The seven sound meditations of CHKRA - the world’s first couture sound spa, are available at your convenience here on Spotify.

Let the seven tracks balance your chakras, while you simultaneously absorb the energy of high-end fashion.


Outside shot of the Special Special gallery/shop at night during the CHKRA opening.

CHKRA was a collaboration between Special Special and sound artist Tsung. Tsung set out to release the energy of fashion to the masses, making it accessible and less wasteful.

Tsung collected field recordings of seven high-end flagship stores, amassed ambient noise and carefully edited the sounds to represent the essence of each brand: AXWG, ISMK, RKWN, LVTN, CHNL, YVSL, and BRBY. Tsung then matched these essences to the frequencies of the seven chakras in the body - from the grounded, stable root chakra to the soaring crown chakra.

A viewer sits in one of the makeshift sound booths, surrounded by soothing blue and pink lighting. They have on a blindfold and headphones to listen to the CHKRA album.

CHKRA sound spa was first presented at Special Special in the fall of 2019. Interview Magazine called CHKRA "an experience where guests are invited to “relax and heal.”

Wherever you are, let CHKRA balance you, while experiencing the power of branding without waste or consumption.

To enjoy the work:
Listen on Spotify here.

Tsung is the solo project name for John Chao. In his solo work, John has written for dance, film, and electronic performance. As a practicing Buddhist, his projects as Tsung have a particular focus on traditions of spiritual music. He has a background in classical, electronic, and experimental music. John is also part of the collective Misha, signed to Tomlab Records (The Books, Xiu Xiu). He is based in New York City.


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