Show and Tell: 09
Flat Fix Files by Helen Galioto

Flat Fix Files is a monthly PDF file project by Helen Galioto.

Helen compiles new and archival photos she has taken into PDF-form and distributes them via email on the 12th of every month. 

The PDFs are thematic and poetic, at times accompanied by text and found files such as writing excerpts and articles.


An excerpt of PDF file 20200312 from Flat Fix Files by Helen Galioto. An image of an audience at a fashion show accompanied by text underneath that reads "Imagine the air in your room feels solid. To feel its solidity is to feel the negative space you fail to occupy, and to feel an impossible position.

For this Show and Tell, Special Special is highlighting PDF 20200312 (The Complete Handbook of Perpetual Labour With Recent Photos).

This edition of Flat Fix Files documents a fashion show, moving through monochrome images that alternate between rushed models and a transfixed audience, supplemented by text written by Galioto that enhances the solemn and stoic feeling of the images.

An excerpt of PDF file 20200312 from Flat Fix Files by Helen Galioto. A close-up image of an elderly couple in the audience. The man looks on as the woman holds a camcorder and makes eye contact with the camera shooting her.

Earlier Flat Fix Files are available to view on Helen’s website. They are thematically different, but consistent in the use of ironic humor found on signs and pamphlets juxtaposed with austere, ominous undertones. 

To enjoy the work: 
View 20200312.

Sign up here to receive monthly Flat Fix Files. The next one is due to be sent out 04/12.

Helen Galioto is a photo artist and dog walker living and working in the Bronx, NY.

Instagram: @bayridgehonda


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