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Typatone (2015) is a text editor that makes music out of your writing by corresponding each letter or character to a musical note. With Typatone, you can write and send a message and hear it as music. Try writing out the name of your lover or something you’re scared to say out loud. A copy-pasted text from Wikipedia can become an ambient backdrop.  


This collaboration between creators Lullatone and Jono Brandel and was born out of a wish to create a more functional follow up to their popular project Patatap.

The methodology of assigning music notes to letters of the English alphabet was based on a study by Cornell from 2003-2004 that analyzed the frequency of letters used when writing in English, based on a sample of 40,000 words. Typatone matches the most frequently used letters to more melodic notes of a lower pitch, and less frequently used letters to a higher pitch, giving more flavor to the composition. 

Typatone has six filters to create melodies in a range of ambient moods, and you can keep several tabs of music playing open at once, layering the tunes. Write someone a message, or if you are curious to peep into the lives of others using Typatone, you can see past messages sent here.

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Jonathan (Jono) Brandel is an award-winning graphic designer and computer programmer. He comes from mixed heritage, an American of Filipino and Polish descent. As such, Jono pairs distinct subjects to frame the creative process. These combinations range from latin and emojis to lithography and pixel sorting. While pairings vary, there is an accessible tenor to the digital and physical objects he produces. This attention to detail allows people to access complex subject matters including positivism, the collision of black holes, and music composition, with ease.

Instagram: @jonofyi jono-brandel

Lullatone is Shawn and Yoshimi, a musical duo based in Nagoya, Japan. Built on a bed of indie film instrumentation and close mic'd coziness, Lullatone's albums hint at the whimsical cinema. Flourishes of glockenspiel, intimate plucks of guitalele (a Japanese inventive cross between a guitar and ukulele), hushed strings, piano and brushed drums are all used in illustrative and imaginative ways. But, despite the intricate instrumentation, the tracks never feel cluttered or lose their clarity. These are carefully considered compositions. Airy and gentle, they owe their understated quality to Lullatone's life in Japan, where subtlety and good taste are a key to life. The entire album was recorded in the group's meticulously organized studio which has been featured on Lifehacker and Apartment Therapy for its design conscious take on simplicity in life design. Like their studio, their albums show a modern take on minimalism, one filled warmth and intimacy, and proves that sometimes a lack of clutter is all that is needed to inspire the imagination.

Instagram: @lullatone
Spotify: Lullatone


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