Introducing 4N Magazine: A Biannual Magazine Highlighting Extraordinary Talent!

Special Special introduces 4N Magazine: a biannual publication tailored for the international community of New York City. Our magazine serves as a platform to spotlight exceptional foreign talent thriving in America today.

Driven by community spirit, 4N Magazine is dedicated to both emerging and established foreign creatives making their mark in the United States. It's a hub for international and alien artists who are navigating the O-1 visa and Green Card processes, enabling them to showcase their remarkable skills. We also shine a spotlight on a selection of fresh and noteworthy talents in each issue, featuring a total of 12 individuals.

Beyond highlighting international talent, we provide space for our local community to contribute personal or professional advertisements. These advertisements serve as practical and emotional support, fostering a sense of unity within our diverse community. It's a way to show the profiled artists that they have a network of creative and mental support during challenging times.

Our vision is to make 4N Magazine an inclusive community resource. As such, we're excited to bring it to life in print, distributing it within the artist community of New York City and beyond.

Issue #1 launch this coming Winter. The buzz of our talent will keep you warm.


4N Magazine is committed to cultivating a diverse community of alien artists and creators seeking an O-1 visa or Green Card. Our platform provides an avenue for showcasing and promoting their exceptional talents.

If you're a foreign creative residing in the US, and you're in the process of applying for or have applied for the O-1 or Green Card within the past three years, we invite you to feature in 4N Magazine. This publication will position you alongside equally remarkable peers, bolstering your portfolio for your upcoming visa or green card application. It's an opportunity to present yourself as a significant contributor to the vibrant American creative landscape.

As a community-driven publication, we request a nominal submission fee of $200 for featured content spanning over 10 pages. As an added perk, you will also receive 5 complimentary copies of the magazine issue. This fee helps support our efforts in creating a platform for showcasing and promoting the extraordinary talents within our community. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and allows us to continue championing creativity and collaboration.

Submission deadline: October 23, 2023

To submit:

  • Specify your extraordinary talent.
  • Indicate your current immigration status and the timeline of your next application cycle.
  • Provide a brief biography/CV (within 200 words).
  • Share an Artist Statement (within 200 words).
  • Include five images of work from a single body of work, created within the last two years, showcasing your area of expertise. These images are for our reference only; if accepted, you will have an opportunity to resubmit images according to our magazine specs.
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4N Magazine extends an open invitation for personal, professional, or community-focused advertisements that provide practical and emotional support to our international talent community.

Whether you're a law firm offering stellar visa processing services, a massage therapist specializing in spine alignment and tranquility, or a sports team on the lookout for new members, we welcome your advertisements. Individuals in search of a 4N kindred spirit, Notary Public services, a City Hall Wedding Photographer, subletters, roommates, or those eager to share their poetic musings‚ÄĒthere's a space for you to place your ad!

Your advertisement is a message that resonates with the profiled artists, conveying your presence as a source of creative and mental support during times of challenge. By participating, you join a creative collective that counteracts feelings of isolation and stands united.

Take the plunge into advertising with us! Prices range from $9 to $50!

We recommend all ads be relevant up to December 2024. Ads that do not align with our community guidelines will be respectfully declined, and your fee will be promptly refunded. 

Submission deadline: October 23, 2023

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Our community is a space of inclusivity, aimed at uplifting each other both practically and emotionally. We adhere to a principle of mutual respect and support.

We hold a steadfast belief in the power of artistic expression and its unique voice within various domains. Consequently, we stand firm in not publishing any submissions that may be offensive, discriminatory, or engage in criminal behavior.

We are not liable for the outcome of your immigration status. We only provide a supportive space to celebrate creativity.


If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at