Sculpt and Align, Cuffing Club Wellness Edition!


Date: February 4-5, 2023, Workshop on Feb 4 at 2-4pm

Location: Persona 202b Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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As we emerge into 2023 and the year of the Rabbit, for this edition of Cuffing Club we offer a special wellness experience with an emphasis on enhancing alignment and beauty in our own skin. This year let’s feel good in our own bodies together! 

We will be hosting a special Align and Sculpt self-care workshop led by Yumi Sugata, a pioneer in Japanese Beauty Chiropractic. Visiting from Japan for the first time since before the pandemic, she will teach you simple, effective techniques for daily self-care to maintain a fresh and youthful face and body. Followed by a group pilates exercise led by New York based Mariko Russell. 

You will also have the opportunity to schedule individual face and body chiropractic therapy sessions with Yumi, and private pilates class with Mariko. Help yourself into feeling and looking your best with the principles of beauty chiro and pilates. 

Beauty Chiro is a Japanese chiropractic technique for correcting misalignments in the body. It aims to improve metabolism from the core. This therapy will help relieve toxins, drain lymphatic blockages, and alleviate stiff shoulders and lower back pains, while firming the muscles and fat. It is a non-invasive, light pressure technique to help us feel better and look toned. Feel the effect after just one treatment! However, regular care is required to retain its effectiveness. That is why we are offering this Sculpt and Align workshop.

We hope you will join us and learn tips for long sustaining physical and mental alignment, with a community that shares this curiosity and commitment for self care and improvement. We will offer an assortment of tea during our workshops. 

**Attendants of the workshop will be able to sign up for Yumi’s Beauty Chiropractic therapy at a special price. 

February 4, 2023, 2–4pm workshop 

  1. What is Beauty Chiropractic? Talk by Yumi, translated by Mariko
  2. Sculpt and Align movement workshop: Practical techniques for how to maintain alignment and look fresh and youthful everyday. Individual exercise techniques and group massage techniques taught. - Taught by Yumi, translated by Mariko
  3. Group Pilates exercise - Taught by Mariko

*Bring a yoga mat to the event. During the workshop tea will be offered by Keiko Taniguchi

February 4 and 5: Therapy Sessions (hours outside of the workshop will be offered)

Available Treatments:

Beauty Chiro Treatments: 

Body Treatment: Full body posture correction, pelvis adjustment. Relieve leg fatigue and lower back pains. (30 min) by Yumi Sugata

Facial Treatment: tackles shoulder stiffness,neck stiffness, massage to alleviate eye strain. Meridian treatment of face and head for anti-aging. (30 min) by Yumi Sugata


1-on-1 Private Reformer pilates session: personally directed to tackle your needs and problem areas. (30 min or 60 min) by Mariko Russell



Workshop package:

  1. Sculpt and Align Workshop – $25
  2. Workshop + 30 min of beauty chiro (body or face) – $75
  3. Workshop + 60 min of beauty chiro (body and face) – $110
  4. Workshop + 30 min Pilates + 30 min Beauty Chiro – $110
  5. Workshop + 30 min Pilates – $75
  6. Workshop + 60 min Pilates – $110

Interested in only attending the therapy or class? 

  1. 30 min of beauty chiro (body or face) – $60
  2. 60 min of beauty chiro (body and face) – $100
  3. 30 min private reformer pilates – $60
  4. 60 min private reformer pilates - $120

Special Special developed Cuffing Club as a project for friendship building on the basis of accountability and leisurely activities. We hope to encourage platonic friendships to have similar social access and support as romantic partnerships and family units. Some Cuffing Considerations for Sculpt and Align:

* Cuffing Intermediate: Come learn and enjoy with friends!

* Cuffing Pro: Use what you learn and continue your wellness ritual with friends!!

To help maintain our alignment goals after the event, the Special Special and Persona community will expand online with videos and check-ins for people to have accountable partners to do group exercises, via the Persona app. 


About Special Special: 

Special Special has been building communities since 2016, through creative collaborations and our audiences’ shared interest in artistic experiences. Serendipitously, people have come together to become friends, professional collaborators, and even romantic partners. As we repeatedly saw this phenomenon, we decided to formally recognize the bonds with Cuffing Club, to provide mutual support and companionship for kindred spirits. @specialspecial

Yumi Sugata:

With over 25 years of experience, to cultivate a treatment process, Yumi has practiced over 5,000 therapy sessions, and is committed to expanding the reach of her practice worldwide. She is based in Kumamoto Japan, where she has her chiropractic clinic, and training school. She has also developed Japan’s best-selling line of posture correcting shapewear. Yumi has previously visited New York five times to offer her therapy to her dedicated clientele who are always in awe of their results. This is the first time she will be in the US since 2019. @corp_0963551288

Mariko Russell:

Hi let’s Pilates! Pilates is where you reconnect with your bodies and minds. Mariko’s class is laid back yet dynamic, analytical and caring. She will work with you to help move better, challenge your body, give yourself a moment. You can also find her @goodtime.pilates