Cyber Garden

Cyber Garden inaugurated the pop-up space at the Museum of Art Pudong (MAP). In the newly opened architecture designed by Jean Nouvel, Special Special activated the 2540 square feet pop-up space on the museum's ground floor with an immersive experience combining retail and digital art exhibition. Consisting of custom fabricated Cyber Garden furnitures that are a fusion of the natural with the synthetic, pastoral nature with cyberpunk. Pondering how gardening metaphors can nurture different understandings of the history of the World Wide Web. The internet becomes a sprawling garden of many paths, where files need "pruning" and "weeding", and ideas need to be "cultivated." 

Inspired by nostalgia for early millennial internet cafe culture, the "Internet Cafe" installation featured 8 digital art projects from artists around the world, including Max Bittker (US), Liu Chang (China), Will Doenlen (US), Heidi Latsky & Maya Man (US), Lullatone & Jono Brandel (US), Laurel Schwulst (US), ZZYW (US), and a VR installation by Sebastian Masuda (Japan)

The retail shop is merchandised with playful Special Special art editions, and custom products created for MAP.