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Special Special
Edition No. 18
One Sweet Dream Blanket
Oona Brangam-Snell

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Special Special <br> Edition No. 18 <br>One Sweet Dream Blanket

One Sweet Dream Blanket was designed by Oona Brangam-Snell in collaboration with Special Special. This limited edition blanket is produced for the exhibition BOLTS, on view February–April, 2018.

A cluster of motifs pulled from Owen Jones’ The Grammar of Ornament frame an oculus that opens into a star-filled night sky. The hieroglyphics in the foreground, perfectly still and evenly spaced, mimic the constellation above, in stark contrast to the modernist ellipsis that forms the aperture. The artwork is no longer ecclesiastically enshrined, and presents itself as intimate companions in the guise of a blanket.



70% cotton 30% rayon, 72 x 46.5 in.

Edition of 10

Special Special <br> Edition No. 18 <br>One Sweet Dream Blanket