General Operations Manager Position

We are looking for a General Operations Manager to help build our brand across all channels and create effective business administration, and internal operations to help our company run like a well oiled machine, while in keeping with our vision to push the brand forward. They will be involved in a wide range of exciting projects and work with our intimate and talented team of creatives in our daily operations.

They will develop and execute business strategies to meet profit objectives and manage internal operations. The ideal candidate will optimize existing operations in the company, develop new revenue streams that align with the brand, and strategize with the founder to expand the company. This role is both strategic, and executional. This includes but is not limited to:

General Operations and Management

  • Ensure effective functioning of day-to-day operations and related administrative activities
  • Be responsible for the recruitment, employment, and release of all staff with support from External HR
  • Supervise and evaluate staff; support staff member’s efforts and develop and enrich their professional skills
  • Ensure regular review of projects in order to make sure they are progressing effectively
  • Promote and attend all related programs and events in collaboration with staff
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state, and New York City laws and regulations for governance and operations, including those governing bylaws and human resources / labor practices with support from External HR 

Team / Project Management

Strategy Development

  • In conjunction with Director, design and implement a comprehensive strategy for strengthening and expanding programs and projects in alignment with the brand mission
  • Oversee growth, maintenance, and enhancement of the company’s development.
  • Work with team to implement annual projections, and analyze progress
  • Coordinate, research, and strategize key meetings and correspondences between director, marketing strategist, and creative team.
  • Identify new channels, partnerships and opportunities for expanding brand awareness
  • Offer strategic input on future exhibitions, events, and production
  • Pin-point revenue streams, and business opportunities and strategize the approach in keeping with the Special Special vision.


Retail Operations and Art Sales direction

  • Lead as a sales manager and its operations
  • Optimize sales
  • Highlight external sales opportunities (ie. art fairs, trade shows, etc.)


Financial Management 

  • Assume overall responsibility and accountability for maintaining sound fiscal policy and practices, including timely and proactive budget preparation and management. Sufficient and effective reporting, both internal and external. Manage cash flows and financial data for budgeting decisions
  • Ensure that staff and programming keep within the allocated financial resources



  • Bachelor’s degree with 3+ years experience in a Sales and Marketing or Business Administration role.
  • Experience working for a design studio, production studio, or gallery.
  • Experience in retail or e-commerce a plus
  • Organized and detail oriented -- you’re a process builder, a calendar keeper, and a project manager at heart.
  • Self-starter. You identify a problem before being told about it and solve it without being asked.
  • Designing your own work stream, and building a brand excites you.
  • Experience in proposing and managing budgets.
  • You are a perfectionist, with an appreciation for doing things quickly.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Fluency in Mandarin strongly preferred


Terms and Commitment

There is a two month trial, and can become a full-time position with paid vacation time, sick days, and healthcare benefits. Salary is commensurate with experience.

To apply, please send resumé and cover letter to with 'SpSp General Operations Manager' in subject line.