Open Call: Show and Tell

Special Special invites artists producing work that can be viewed in a browser, downloaded, or streamed, to submit to be featured in Show and Tell, our digital exhibitions program. Please find submissions details below, and send entries to


Past editions include:

Show and Tell: 15
Mother's Tongue and Phantom Banquet by Lap-See Lam and Wing-Yee Wu

Show and Tell: 14
Glance Back by Maya Man

Show and Tell: 13
Protest Tools For Anonymity

Show and Tell: 12
A Ritual of Habits by Rosalie Yu

Show and Tell: 11
The Museum of Generated Art by Michael Simpson

Show and Tell: 10
Cyber Sanctuaries by Specter

Show and Tell: 09
Flat Fix Files by Helen Galioto

Show and Tell: 08
Something to Hold by Alison Roberts

Show and Tell: 07
CHKRA by Tsung

Show and Tell: 06
718-554-3854 by James Chrzan

Show and Tell: 05 
Sandspiel by Max Bittker 

Show and Tell: 04 
Nature Documentaries and Matrix Soundtrack by Studio Pointer

Show and Tell: 03 
Flight Simulator by Laurel Schwulst

Show and Tell: 02 
A Year On Earth by Del Hardin Hoyle and Samuel Bellingham

Show and Tell: 01 
NOT on the Streets App by Jenny Lai


This digital exhibition program seeks to create a distinct digital space, delivery method, and platform for sharing artwork and projects that function most effectively presented in a digital format true to the methods in which they were created.


Submission Format
Types of work can include "net art", browser based games, pdf's, sound experiments, video content, digital photo based projects, animation, 3D models, websites, social media accounts, or almost any computer program — anything shareable via email, likely contained in a .zip folder attachment or accessible via a link.

For our purposes, a digital art project is a creative endeavor that culminates in the creation of digital files for the purpose of sharing content.

Acceptable media are digital files that meet these requirements:

  • Any file format that can be attached to an email
  • Can be experienced by the recipient given they have an internet connection, browser application, and media player application(s) for viewing common image, video, and audio file formats. 
  • Project files should be under 25 MB


 We ask that you submit:

  • Final files for project in shareable format
  • Artist name, brief bio, site and social media links
  • A statement for project

  Via email to


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